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In an Internetworked World No One Is a “Foreigner”

June 21, 2013


As everyone knows there have been some startling and shocking revelations concerning the surveillance activities of the USA's NSA. This has occasioned considerable to-ing and fro-ing from the US Executive Office, from the major Internet corporations implicated in these revelations, and from various elements of civil society.

Responding to PRISM: The Internet is global. Duh… Who knew…

June 8, 2013


And they need to recognize that, Duh, the Internet is global and that appropriate strategies, mechanisms, institutions that can give us rights as global Internet enabled citizens and provide us with means to keep those building their castles and sand castles and armories on the Internet to account need to be created and created now before the current out of control situation takes us all over some unanticipated but inevitable brink.