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The Data Divide: Some Positive Developments

July 19, 2011


What I find so positive about this is that the DoL is taking the issue of a potential Data Divide seriously and is devoting some of its development resources to responding by providing tools that those with more limited technical experience can use to design applications for using DoL data.

WikiLeaks, Open Information and Effective Use: Exploring the Limits of Open Government

December 29, 2010


Clearly to ensure that “open information” is not a series of “leaks” and ensuing scandals or becomes a form of information based cooptation and manipulation, those advocating for “open information” and those who are agreeable to providing it must provide a framing and contextualizing as effective use which goes much beyond anything provided by WikiLeaks in partnership with its press collaborators or beyond simply making various statistical runs or information files available to public users.

Towards An Urban Community Informatics

August 28, 2010


Processes of both embodied and electronically enabled mutual support, collaborative norm setting, reciprocity, trust building and so on will need to be put to the service of activities associated with creating sustainable environments in cities. There is thus a very considerable scope, even a requirement for concerted efforts towards the development of an urban community informatics movement.