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E-Bario, the Impact of a Telecentre and the Creation of a Technology Hub in the Highlands of Borneo

January 31, 2010


After leaving Long Lamai we traveled back to Miri and then caught another and different Twin Otter flight to Bario. I’d been in Bario a couple of years ago and knew more or less what to expect. The trip up was as spectacular as before and the airport was more or less the same. But […]

Bringing the Internet to Pandora (2)

January 30, 2010


Clearly the people of Long Lamai are committed to the telecentre and committed to “development” in some form and fashion (on the face of it, the two commitments would appear from the current Long Lamai community perspective to in fact, be one and the same!). But precisely what that development might look like doesn’t seem […]

Bringing the Internet to Pandora (1)

January 18, 2010


I’m here in a place called Long Lamai.  It is a community of Penan’s who are a tribe in central Borneo who were originally nomads (the “last nomads”).  They have been settled in this community for about 40 years although there are still a small number of nomadic Penan elsewhere in Borneo. We (I’m traveling […]

Too Big Not To Fail: A Conclusion and Way Forward for Community Informatics post-Copenhagen

January 1, 2010


I’ve been thinking a lot about Copenhagen, its process and outcomes and how it can or should link into community informatics. What was notable to me, casually observing the Copenhagen conference from a distance was how focussed the discussions seemed to be on political processes–governance structures, treaties, declarations and so on and how little attention was paid to the underlying social processes which would be required if anything realistic were to be achievable.