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Gmail Hell(2), an Epilogue: They are the Borg and they are Too Big To Be Allowed To Fail (You and Me!)

March 12, 2012


After some 6 days of being unable to access or use my primary email address or account with gmail, as suddenly as it started the floodgates opened and I was once again able to communicate and feel in sync with the larger e-world of which I have been a part for the last almost two decades. (See also my earlier blogpost on this is Gmail Hell, Day 4: Dealing with the Borg (Or “Being Evil” Without Really Thinking About It)

Community Informatics and Older Persons: The Necessary Connection

March 6, 2012


As is well known, there is a looming demographic crisis in Developed Countries with a rapidly aging population (people are living longer) and a rapidly declining birth rate. The effect of this is to put significant strains on overall economic activity and particularly on health care and support systems, as the aging population results in an increasing need for health care and medical interventions and for support and care services.