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Are Mobiles a Capitalist Plot to Keep the Poor Poor?

November 7, 2011

15 one study in rural Africa it was being found that the costs of mobile communications were absorbing up to 54% of the total net income of certain farmers

Responding to a Catastrophic Emergency in a Developed Country Context: Some Community Informatics Reflections on the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan as applied to say a similar event in Canada.

March 31, 2011


The suggestion that officials and others in Japan are looking for ideas and strategies had the effect of making me think a lot about the emergency post-earthquake post-tsunami intra-nuclear situation in Japan from the perspective of community based ICTs.

Some Comments on “Digital Bangladesh” from a Community Informatics Perspective

July 12, 2010


I’ve now had a chance to take a look at what is described as a “draft version” of the Strategic Priorities of Digital Bangladesh: Operationalizing the ICT policy 2009 document prepared by the Bangladesh Prime Minister’s Office with the help of a local expert team and the UNDP and released in June 2010. The document quite usefully says on its next to cover page “The current version of the document is a work-in-progress, specially prepared for Feedback.” The comments below are meant as a contribution to this work in progress.

Let’s Talk About a Digital Transition Rather than a Digital Divide

April 2, 2010


Perhaps more important this suggests that even in a context where there is almost universal cell phone access this is not sufficient to bring about the Digital Transition which is necessary to begin to achieve the broader systemic benefits of digital and Internet access and use and ultimately to overcome was has been termed the Digital Divide which is currently dividing both societies within themselves and the world at large between digitally enabled countries and those that have not as yet realized these benefits.