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Immiserating the Poor: We Have An App For That (Social Media vs. the iPhone in Egypt and a Kenyan slum)

February 11, 2011


The app culture is one of individuals and individualized approaches. Apps enable and empower the individual as a consumer, as a communicator, as an information handler. However, many of the major issues in a developing world (and other) environment are not ones that lend themselves readily to individualized responses or individual solution. Issues involving citizenship and particularly the rights and responsibilities of citizens including political behaviours and governance, human rights, land rights, water rights and so on are often highly political and highly contentious with huge financial interests involved and where individuals no matter how empowered they may be matter for little against entrenched political power and financial strength.

Tunisia: They have the tools, now what do they do with them? Thinking about what happens next.

January 20, 2011


It was perhaps inevitable, that the Ben Ali government’s investments to present a modern face to the outside world through the technical proficiency of its young people should come back to bite it through the use of that very proficiency as a significant means to challenge and ultimately undermine and remove the government which had chosen this as its priority.

Some thoughts on Community Informatics in China

December 13, 2010


An even more intriguing possibility would be the fusing of existing rural (political) organizational structures with ICTs and envigorated with new blood from the “ant tribe” and other young people with Internet and ICT skills leading to a rural renewal, extended service delivery and both more efficient and sustainable agricultural and SMME and SME developments. Perhaps once the attention of the Chinese leadership shifts back from the explosive developments in urban areas similar structural developments might begin to be seen in rural areas and among lower income populations as well.

Towards An Urban Community Informatics

August 28, 2010


Processes of both embodied and electronically enabled mutual support, collaborative norm setting, reciprocity, trust building and so on will need to be put to the service of activities associated with creating sustainable environments in cities. There is thus a very considerable scope, even a requirement for concerted efforts towards the development of an urban community informatics movement.

Community Informatics and Community Development: CI gave a party and CD didn’t come, CD gives a party and they didn’t invite CI—What is going on?

February 28, 2010


For me, and again on reflection, the challenge and promise of a “community informatics” is not achieved through collections of projects however successful they might be. Rather the real success would come when there was a real and equal partnership between ICTs and community enablement.

Some thoughts on the next steps for “Bridging the Digital Divide in Malaysia”

February 9, 2010


In the context of my visits to various sites in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak I’ve now got a bit of perspective on the current situation in Malaysia and I see that in certain respects at least the goals of the 2005 Plan as evidenced by the document Bridging the Digital Divide in Malaysia have been […]

E-Bario, the Impact of a Telecentre and the Creation of a Technology Hub in the Highlands of Borneo

January 31, 2010


After leaving Long Lamai we traveled back to Miri and then caught another and different Twin Otter flight to Bario. I’d been in Bario a couple of years ago and knew more or less what to expect. The trip up was as spectacular as before and the airport was more or less the same. But […]

Bringing the Internet to Pandora (2)

January 30, 2010


Clearly the people of Long Lamai are committed to the telecentre and committed to “development” in some form and fashion (on the face of it, the two commitments would appear from the current Long Lamai community perspective to in fact, be one and the same!). But precisely what that development might look like doesn’t seem […]

The Communications Revolution It’s a Wired World By DAN SCHILLER

December 17, 2009


I’m not sure about all the details but an interesting brief global overview of the political economy of ICTs MBG The Communications Revolution It’s a Wired World By DAN SCHILLER Citigroup bank employed 25,000 software developers and spent an estimated $4.9bn on information and communication technologies – ICT —  (exclusive of operating expenses) in 2008 […]