Support letter for Community Access Program in the context of Digital Inclusion

Posted on December 12, 2009


This below points to this year’s campaign to “save community access”. That CAP needs “saving” in this way is a shameful indication of the degree to which Canada alone among its OECD colleagues has ignored issues of broad based digital inclusion and allowed its only on-going program in this area to atrophy to the point of almost but not quite dissolution.

Every year the question has to arise whether to let CAP finally sink and to try to mount a broad based campaign around digital inclusion in Canada or to yet again try to find desperate ways to save what little is left of what was in its time the world’s best and most comprehensive program in support of broad based public and community access.

But technology and public policy has moved on and while the needs concerning digital inclusion have evolved — now to encompass broadband access, e-literacy training in support of an informed citizenry, opportunities for basic computer skills development, access to very low cost long distance calling via VOIP and so on — our public policy concerning social inclusion let alone digital inclusion have turned away.

So sign on if you are so moved — the testamonials gathered by Bev Collins are reason enough to support a continuation of CAP — but while doing so give some thought to how to create a broader coalition around Digital Inclusion in the context of a broad based campaign around Social Inclusion and maybe this time next year we won’t need to go through a similar exercise as we’ve gone through for each of the last half dozen years around CAP.

Mike Gurstein

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