IT tools for virtual projects: The Technology for Communities Project

Posted on December 12, 2009


This looks like an extremely worthwhile effort and a great contribution to community informatics.   Thanks very much John, Nancy and Etienne!


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I know this is a bit late!  😦

Great summary, Adrian.

I want to call to your attention a project at CPsquare that tries to dig into some 50+ different collaboration tools (and some combinations of tools):

The idea is to dig a little deeper into the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of all the different tools that are out there.  One of my dreams is to be more thorough in describing each tool and writing about how the specific affordances of a tool work out in terms of the polarities that we discuss in Digital Habitats.  I know it’s a bit of a stretch when you begin using those polarities, but once their under your belt (so to speak), they are incredibly useful.


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